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Is the product really waterproof?

Yes the Sleep-A-Sured mattress covers are made from a high end fabric that is silky soft on the outside yet features a clever laminated membrane on the inside. Any spillages will be soaked up by the fabric, but will not get through to the mattress, keeping it pristine underneath. Mattress life is significantly extended in the knowledge that you have a cool, breathable, absorbent and quality product on it at all times.

How often should I take it off?

The Sleep-A-Sured mattress encasements and pillow encasements are designed to stay on the mattress and keep it permanently protected. You only need to take it off to wash it to remove stains or if you feel it needs washing for hygiene reasons.

Can the mattress protectors be machine washed?

Yes the fabric can be washed multiple times at high temperatures and tumble dried without losing its features. Do not add bleach when washing. If using a tumble drier, try to dry with other linens/bedding. Do not dry clean. Ironing could damage the inner membrane.

Why does the encasement boast bug proofing qualities?

Bed bugs are an ever increasing problem in the UK. They are expert hitch hikers, are very hard to kill and they can affect anyone. Bed bugs like to live close to their meal source (people!) and they especially like to live and lay eggs on the mattress seams and buttons. By using a Sleep-A-Sured mattress encasement, you are removing those harbourage points. If you are unlucky enough to get an outbreak, if your mattress is encased you will never have to worry about throwing your mattress away. An encasement also offers protection from dust mites.

Why encase your pillows?

Our pillow encasements are made from the same high end, cool, breathable yet waterproof fabric as the mattress protectors and create a hygiene barrier that will prevent unwanted fluids getting through the pillow case and onto the inner pillow, again extending the life of your pillow and keeping it ‘as new’.


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