Luxury Waterproof Pillow Case

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Quick Overview

Silky soft, cool, breathable, yet fully-waterproof Sleep-A-Sured pillowcase and protector with multiple hygiene features that fully encases your pillow and keeps it pristine.



Categories : Pillow Encasements


The luxurious pillow protector from Sleep-A-Sured which fully encases your pillow and keeps it fresh and new. Silky smooth to the touch, yet fully waterproof and with multiple hygiene, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial benefits. Prevents cross contamination. Also bug proof. Protects your health, your sleep and your pillow, significantly extending ‘pillow life’.

Made from Sleep-A-Sured’s trademark high-end, luxury fabric that is comfortable, cool, breathable, absorbent, and super smooth. Features a clever inner-membrane that makes it fully waterproof, keeping unwanted stains, odours and germs off the pillow and keeping it pristine.

Can be machine washed and tumbled dried without losing any of its features. Also acts as a highly effective barrier to unwanted odours.

Dimensions: 50cm x 75cm (standard pillow size)