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Luxury Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector – Single – 90cm x 190cm

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Quick Overview

Luxuriant yet fully waterproof Care-Guard (90cm x 190cm) fitted mattress protector that’s a pleasure to sleep on and keeps your mattress permanently protected from spillages and accidents.





The Care-Guard Protective Bedding range combines the dual needs for comfort and protection. Each of our products utilises our exclusive silky soft, luxuriant fabric that is cool and comfortable to sleep on, absorbent and breathable. However, the product is made completely waterproof thanks to a unique PVU inner membrane that means the mattress and pillows are always protected. What’s more our products can be machine washed and tumble dried without losing their features.

Care-Guard Protective Bedding permanently protects it from spillages and accidents and greatly extends mattress life, as well as making life for the carer so much easier and less stressful. It also brings with it excellent hygiene benefits by creating a barrier against secondary contamination and infection. Vitally the inner membrane also acts as a barrier to unwelcome odours and allergies caused by dust mites.

We offer our waterproof fitted mattress encasements in all the main bed sizes. They are soft to the touch without the ‘crinkly’ or ‘crunchy’ feeling of traditional waterproof bedding products, and feature deep skirts making them suitable for almost any depth of mattress.

Any spillages and accidents are soaked up by the soft, absorbent fabric, but do not make it through to the mattress itself. In the event of stains, the bedding can be removed, washed and tumbled dried. We also offer luxury mattress encasements and pillow protectors in the same soft, waterproof fabric in all the key sizes.

  • 100% waterproof
  • machine washable, tumble dry
  • prolongs mattress life
  • soft to the touch
  • pleasure to sleep on
  • breathable, absorbent fabric
  • barrier to odours and allergy safe
  • reduces work and stress for carer

Dimensions: 90cm x 190cm

Fits depths: Up to 40cm